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Services provided by our Doctors and Allied Health Professionals include:

General acute and chronic medicine


Travel vaccinations

Women's Health

Post-natal Health




Men's Health

Family Health

Ante-natal Shared Care

Geriatric Health

Sports Medicine

Skin Checks

Diabetes Educator



General Medical Examinations

Minor Surgical Procedures 

Preventative Health

Industrial Health



Occupational Health

Services provided by our Nurses include:

Wound Care

All our nurses are highly experienced in acute and chronic wound management and follow current evidence based practice. They also remove sutures and assist in minor surgical procedures.



Our nurses play a pivotal role, not just in assisting with the administration of vaccines, but also with reporting to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) and in providing patient education and addressing questions and concerns surrounding immunisation. Our nurses provide travel vaccinations when prescribed by our doctors.


Health Assessments

Health assessments assist the doctors in implementing health promotion activities and preventative measures for optimal patient health and wellbeing. Our nurses are available to perform Health assessments for patients over the age of 75.


Care plans

Our nurses assist in implementing and monitoring GP management plans (GPMPs) and Team care arrangements (TCAs). Co-ordinated care for Veterans Affairs patients is also an area of high priority for us.


24 Hour ECG and BP Monitoring

Our nurses can schedule and carry out 24 Hour monitoring of Blood Pressure and Cardiographs at the request of our doctors. These services are free of charge..


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Diabetes Care + Education

Our nurses support our doctors in providing diabetes care and education to optimise health and well-being. Tracey Wilson is a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE) with extensive experience in all aspects of diabetes management.  Tracey works in conjunction with our doctors to help care for diabetic patients.

What does a Diabetes Educator do?

Tracey provides support for people with diabetes, including gestational diabetes, integrating clinical care, self-management education, skills training and disease specific information to motivate patients to:

• Understand diabetes and make informed lifestyle and treatment choices

• Incorporate physical activity into daily life

• Use their medicines effectively and safely

• Monitor and interpret their blood glucose patterns



Asthma Education

Our nurses assist our practice in meeting the standards for evidence based practice and quality improvements in Practice systems.


Ongoing Professional Development

Our nurses participate in Continuous Professional Development activities to keep up to date with best practice guidelines, ensuring you receive the best possible care.


Healthy Living Program

Participants in our Healthy Living Program take part in an interactive program run by a nurse.

The program aims to increase awareness of falls risk factors, general education of healthy living, covering components of Chest pain, Urinary Tract Infections and Diabetes.